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What are the precious metals that are under-developed and under exploited in the USA?
Right now primarily Silver, Platinum Group Metals, and Copper. But of course Worldwide demand for Gold keeps surging too, even though we don’t NEED it for anything but perceived security in people’s minds.

Why are metals likely to spike in price again, even more than they have?
Demand from emerging countries like China, India, South American and even African nations. China and India both building tons of cars and many new homes. Cars need PGM’s, homes and businesses all need Copper wiring, etc.  New auto technology for fuel cells.  New Medical usages for Silver and PGM’s.

How do you find these latent claims and dormant mines, now in 2011?
We have already found them – for the last 25 years – while the metals prices were all very low. We contacted many principal Claims owners and filed Claims of our own during that time. Sadly, some of our previous Partners have died and/or abandoned those Claims because of low prices and increased Gov’t fees.

Why have these mineral properties been dormant for 25 years or more?
Prices were down. Demand was down. Supplies were more than adequate. Some metals like Silver cost nearly as much to produce as they we worth and some countries were even subsidizing mining cost to keep miners employed.

Where are these latent deposits and dormant mines located in the USA?
There are Mineral to be mined in nearly every state in the U.S. Most major deposits are in the Western states. And those “Elephants” are the ones the major production mining companies want.

How do you revive, rehabilitate, and restore these mineral properties now?
That question could take a book to answer. But it starts with identifying them, securing legal Claims, then getting the Exploration companies to document what you have for the Big Guys to fully exploit..

How will new jobs be created for Americans?
The jobs come from all the people needed to locate, stake and file Claims. Then the Exploration teams and ultimately the people who will work those mines bringing out refining, and transporting the ores.

How do they represent new wealth and store of value for Americans?
Mineral resources in the U.S. represent New Money for U.S.  -  to the WORKERS in jobs and money for American families; to the Investors in profitable Returns on their Investments; to the Mining Companies in Profits that they can use to provide new jobs; and to the U.S. Government in Tax Revenues that help ALL Americans.

How can average Americans profit from this project?
In JOBS, and better lifestyles when people are working, and the Employers are paying more Taxes which the U.S. Gov’t can pay back to citizens in services for all. And of course PRODUCT of essential commodities that we all need. (If it is not GROWN, it is MINED!)

CLAIMS HOLDERS – Owners of BLM (Bureau of Land Management Claims or Leases.

KEY TARGET PROPERTIES – The BEST of their category, for some reason or another for us to pursue.

PLACER CLAIMS – Mineral deposits generally located by a Placer Claim when the property consists of veins of anything BUT Quartz or other rock in place.

LODE CLAIMS – Mineral deposits are generally located by a Lode Claim when the property consists of veins (or “lodes”) of Quartz or other rock in place. They are generally 1500 ft X 600 ft. (or 20 acres). Lode claims nearly always run deeper underground than Placer Claims.(“Hard rock” claims are nearly always Lode Claims.)

MINE OWNERS – Actual owners of a real “production” mine, now or in times past. Often, these mines are “Patented” or “Fee Simple” land ownership.

ORE BODIES – Deposits of valuable mineral materials in the Earth.

PATENTED CLAIMS - The Gov’t can award “Patents” to Prospectors who actually mined or held BLM Claims and mined for a certain period of time. They were very complex to obtain and are relatively rare. They are pretty much a thing of the past unless they were awarded years ago.

PROSPECT FILES – Virtually ALL our Files on mineral properties submitted to Sunbelt for review by Principals.

TARGET FILES – Those Files containing some worthy property of most interest to us, at one time or another.

TARGET PROPERTIES – Those properties that piqued our very serious interest at one time, due to mineral values, key locations, part of package, etc.

TAILINGS – ORE which has been processed to remove the best values from one or more minerals out of it. MOST Tailings may still have good values of a secondary mineral. OR they may still have recoverable values of the primary mineral but require additional processing (or processing by another means than first used) to recover the primary mineral’s value. Currently, high mineral prices, and modern extraction technology, encourage reprocessing of many of these decades-old “tailing pile” deposits, some of which are as large as small mountains!

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Harvey Group Q&A: Creating Jobs through The Mineral Exploration Project